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Relax and unwind with a Facial Therapy at The Quob Park Rose Spa. Choose from 30, 60 or 90 Minute experiences below.


Touch therapies are a wonderful add on to your facial.  These mini treatments target specific stress zones to relieve tension and fatigue.  Choose from: a mini back massage, a neck and scalp massage, a neck and shoulder massage or a foot massage.
1 Touch Therapy – 15 Minutes – £15.00
2 Touch Therapies – 30 Minutes – £30.00
3 Touch Therapies – 45 Minutes – £45.00
4 Touch Therapies – 60 Minutes – £60.00


Reveal a clear, refreshed, naturally beautiful complexion with this express facial from ESPA. Personalised to your needs, naturally active formulas cleanse, rebalance, and hydrate the skin. Pure essential oil aromatherapy soothe the senses, mind and spirit. This treatment leaves you looking radiant and feeling relaxed.
Men’s Deep Cleansing Facial (60/90 MIN)
Experience instant renewal with this deeply cleansing ESPA facial. This hydrating treatment is tailored to your exact needs, featuring our powerful formulas that work to purify and reawaken your skin. Enhanced with our sensorial essential oil aromatherapy, these luxurious and potent formulas cleanse and relax the skin and spirit. Discover purified skin that is re-energised, whilst your inner calm is restored.
Resveratrol-Lift  (60/90 MIN)
This Caudalíe facial is perfect for skin lacking In firmness and volume. An entirely manual lifting massage redefines the facial contour & stimulates cellular renewal to visibly smooth signs of ageing. A heat mask boosts the efficiency of the products in the Resveratrol-Lift range. The face looks re-sculpted, and features are plumped up.

Vinergetic C+ (60/90 MIN)
This Caudalíe facial is an energy-boosting cocktail combining Vitamin C+, Hyaluronic Acid and grapeseed Polyphenols for a powerful anti-fatigue action. The use of Jade rollers prepares the skin for the benefits of a detox mask. The complexion Is brighter and the skin’s texture refined.
Vinoperfect (60/90 MIN)
This Caudalíe facial uses the award-winning Vinoperfect range to deliver exceptional results on the skin’s complexion, correcting dark spots, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. Concentrated Viniferine combined with a sculpting massage using warm and cold basalt stones, stimulates the complexion’s radiance. The skin looks bright again, the complexion is fresh, and features are rested.
Vinosource-Hydra (60/90 MIN)
This Caudalíe repairing treatment Is like a hydrating drink for the skin, that provides the utmost comfort for sensitive skin. A very gentle soothing message with fresh grapes is followed by essential oils to nourish the epidermis deep-down. The skin is revived, soft, soothed and plumped up.
Vinopure (60/90 MIN)
Specifically designed for combination to oily skin, this Caudalíe treatment begins with cleansing, followed by a purifying massage to free the skin of imperfections, tighten pores, and refine the skin’s texture. The application of Vinopure products with their powerful complex of Grape Polyphenols, purifying organic essential oils and salicylic acid, brings clarity and freshness to the complexion.
Inner Beauty Facial (60/90 MIN)
Deeply cleanse, hydrate, and renew with this instantly refreshing ESPA facial. Tailored to your skin’s precise needs, Tri-Active™ formulas transform your complexion instantly. Pure aroma-therapeutic oils envelop the senses and the spirit. Skin looks clear, quenched and naturally beautiful. Inner calm is blissfully restored.
This supercharged ESPA treatment features a plethora of active nutrients to restore your radiance. Feed your skin and spirit, glow inside and out. Brighten and refresh dull, lethargic complexions with this glow-giving facial. This sweeping massage stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems to help boost the flow of blood and nutrients to the skin. This facial combines luxurious steaming, exfoliation, and multi-masking for optimal results.
PREMIER CRU Facial (60/90 MIN)
This exceptional treatment from Caudalíe combines the best active and-ageing ingredients to reduce the 8 signs of ageing, deep wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, radiance, firmness, elasticity, volume, and hydration. Paired with a ritual of 8 active and deep movements, the skin looks visibly more youthful.