Anyone wanting to Try Our Wines, or who is interested in Our Club, will temporarily receive our Maximum Club Membership Discount of 33% on all Our Exceptional English Sparkling Wine

I would like to once again take this opportunity to thank the many new Vine to Wine Club Members who joined us last year.  Your response and feedback have been truly overwhelming, the Quob Park Team and I cannot thank you enough.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to the incredible Quob Park Team – all of whom have continued to work diligently and with the utmost care during these unprecedented times and have accomplished so much.  The overwhelming feedback we have received from Our Members is a testament to all of your hard work and efforts.

The health and wellbeing of the Quob Park Family, Team, and Our Members remains our utmost priority.

When the government announced a second national lockdown between Thursday, 5th November and Wednesday, 2nd December 2020, we had to take the hard decision to pause the launch of Our Vine To Wine Club until after the start of the new Vineyard Season in 2021. Following a third national lockdown in January we are only now just starting to see restrictions easing.  We now know that the earliest date that full easing of restrictions will be possible is 21 June at the earliest, and it is only once this has occurred that we shall consider fully re-opening.

We are therefore taking an extremely cautious approach to full re-opening, with only on-line sales possible in the meantime, and for now confirming actual dates for any on-site events or experiences will not be possible until our re-opening events calendar is published.

Going forward, and once we are comfortable with the COVID situation, our intention is for Quob Park Estate to be open to the public for a limited number of open days / on-site events year per year including private tours and tastings, all of which will be published on our events calendar which will appear on the website shortly after all COVID restrictions are lifted, or earlier if practical.

As we are taking a very cautious approach, not only for the safety of our staff here but for our members and visitors alike, as indicated above we will not be publishing our events until we are confident we will not have to cancel, and will be able to host the events in a manner that is safe for all and with the high level of service we always seek to provide.  As well as publishing the events online we will contact anyone with outstanding bookings as soon as we release the calendar so that they are given priority, all tickets purchased shall remain valid for 12 months from this date.  Rest assured that we look forward to welcoming you to Quob Park Estate at the earliest practical date.

At least until mid-May, as a result of the above, we shall continue with our adjusted offering for both Existing Members and Potential New Members to Quob Park Estate.  Under the circumstances, we think it’s the best way for anyone to experience Our Exceptional English Sparkling Wine and Our Vine to Wine Club.

In general, as we are unable to host on-site events and experiences, ALL Existing Members (regardless of membership level) will receive our Maximum Club Membership Discount of 33% on all Our Exceptional English Sparkling Wine. To arrange delivery of wine from your allowance please call + 44 (0) 1329 836 720 or email

For those interested in Joining Our Vine to Wine Club, we have adjusted Our FREE Club Try-Alls.  Anyone wanting to Try Our Wines, or who is interested in Our Club, will temporarily receive our Maximum Club Membership Discount of 33% on all Our Exceptional English Sparkling Wine (using the code ‘GIFT33’).

With Your first purchase, You will also receive an Extra Gift – a FREE Ticket to Join one of Our Group Tour and Tasting Events, redeemable once we reopen following the start of the Vineyard Season in March 2021.

We think that during the current climate, this is the best way possible to discover Our Exceptional English Sparkling Wine, available to You for a limited time at Member pricing.  It will also give you the chance to discover some of the wonderful opportunities available to Our Members here at Quob Park Estate, once the current restrictions are lifted and businesses such as ours are able to operate in a more stable environment.

Finally, the Quob Park Team and I wish to extend to you our warmest regards, wish you the best of health, and look forward to welcoming you back to the estate in the not too distant future.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Terry
Founder & Chairman
Quob Park Estate