The Quob Park Introduction To Wine Tasting all set up and ready to go! With over 3000 different wines available to buy at Quob Park, it’s fair to say, our Wine Tasting’s are like no other!

Whether you are new to wine or advancing your knowledge, our ‘Introduction to Wine Tasting and Your Palate’ is just for you. Held in our prestigious Wine & Pairings Schools Tasting Lounges, let us take you on a fabulous journey.


You will sample at least one of Quob Park Estate’s Exceptional English Sparkling Wines. In addition, there will be six still wines from regions across the globe. Our knowledgeable Wine Team will lead with expert guidance throughout .

No previous wine-tasting experience is required to join and enjoy this introductory Wine Tasting. By the end of the session, you will have learnt:

  • Professional wine-tasting techniques
  • How to identify a wine’s flavours and aromas
  • The importance and impact of ‘terroir’ (climate, weather, soil etc.) on wine
  • How to identify the various components of wine such as acidity, alcohol and how they affect the overall structure of a wine
  • The influence of oak and other wine-making techniques on flavour, aroma and texture of wine
  • The rudiments of food and wine pairings
  • How to order from any wine list with confidence
  • Everyone’s Palate is unique and there are no set rules for what is good or bad for you to like. You’ll gain an appreciation of your palate and why you like particular wines and flavours. Our Great Cellar Wine Experts can assist you with future wine selections and pairings matched to your palette.

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