The Vintage Bar Box® is a beautifully restored horse box that is visually stunning and memorable. Providing a unique bar experience for wedding guests.

Dry Hire Or Full Bar Service?

When organising a wedding, you are open to a world of enormous choice in every aspect of planning to create the perfect day. Not always however are couples offered choice when it comes to bar arrangements. Dry Hire, which is often not openly offered, could be the answer.

Firstly, what is Dry Hire? Basically, you hire the facilities of a bar without the supply of drink. If you would prefer not to have a cash bar at your wedding and provide guests with drink you have purchased, hiring a dry bar with staff can be the solution.

Full Bar Service therefore is the supply of bar facilities, drinks and staff. If cash will be exchanged over the bar on the day with guests and the venue does not have a drinks license, the bar provider (who has a personal license), will apply to the local council of the venue for a license. Alternatively, the wedding couple may choose to pick up the bar bill at the end of the day.

The Vintage Bar Box® offers both Dry Hire and Full Bar Service hire options. Of course there are pro’s and con’s to both……

We Want To Provide Our Own Drinks For Guests…

Dry Hire is great for those couples who are fortunate to have a healthy budget and lots of free time in their wedding planning schedule to source, buy and organise drinks. Of course every guest loves an open bar and if you don’t mind putting the effort and time in, it can work well. Preparation is key. Buying the right amount, storing drink at the correct temperature prior to the wedding, chilling down drinks the night before, and finding a good glass hire company are all key to the success. One of the downsides however is misjudging the amount needed and running out, or having too much at the end of the event and not being able to return it for a refund. You also don’t benefit from the experience of the bar provider in knowing good wines, or bubbles that don’t lose their fizz soon after pouring for example. However those that enjoy a tipple will enjoy doing the research!

Top Tip! A wedding can be a long day with ample drinking time. If you’re worried about guests becoming too sloshed too quickly, offer bottles rather than pints from tap. Bottles help maintain steady drinking throughout the duration and can reduce glass hire costs too.

Our Venue Is Providing A Bar, But We’d Love To Have Something A Bit More Special…

Dry Hiring a bar for the venue to use is an option. The Vintage Bar Box® is a beautifully restored horse box that is visually stunning and memorable. Providing a unique bar experience for guests, it is ideal for gathering round and keeping guests entertained, whilst allowing you some private time as a couple to wander off and have photographs tak