Steak & Wine Pairings Nights

Wine & Pairings Course in Partnership With Hampshire Wine School
‘Steak & Wine Pairings Night’
10% Discount for Quob Park Members
Visitors, Members & Guests All Welcome
Saturdays 10th June, 7th October, 2nd December, arrivals 6.45pm

When it comes to pairing food and wine, most people know the old and outdated adage of “red wine with red meat and white wine with white meat”. No more! Nowadays, it is all about the cut of beef itself AND the sauces served alongside.

Your wine & steak journey will start with understanding the basics of food and wine pairing. “Every food component has its perfect match – and its perfect clash – in wine”, says Cecile, your very own Sommelier.

To find the right match you must consider three things:

  1. The structure of the wine – that’s the acidity, body, tannins and sweetness;
  2. The flavour profile – the fruits, herbs, peppers, meatiness or mushroominess
  3. The food itself – is it salty or sweet? Bitter or bold? Sour or spicy?

Cecile always aims to pleasantly surprise her customers with different wine varieties and regions that they’ve never heard of – but all are exciting and delicious to drink, and yes, there will even be a white wine paired with steak! Prepared to be dazzled by the matches and happily surprised by her choices. Your tastebuds will thank you in the end.

The food itself will be cooked by Michelin-trained chefs at Quob Park exclusive kitchens, to create the perfect dining experience. Each piece of steak will be paired with a specific sauce and therefore specific wine, from Bearnaise to Bordelaise, Peppercorn, Blue Cheese and Mushroom.

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