Four Technology Investments Rationalised (Digital Platform, Workforce Management, Telecoms Sector and Connected Health); assets acquired, staffing levels and structure consolidated, supply chain relationships renegotiated and microservices strategy adopted with Technology Committee underpinning Digital Technology Roadmap delivery in 2017 and beyond.



Quob Park Estate investing its own capital alongside a network of High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors

Become part of our international network of investors or invest directly into Quob Park Estate itself to discover some of the most innovative and promising companies driving for growth and success.

Quob Park will always have invested alongside you, in most cases as a lead investor, aligning our mutual investment interests.  Quob Park’s targeted investment returns are typically 50% within 12 months of the full investment being completed.

OS³ Suite Workforce Management

Prime contract delivery and OS³ Frameworks specialist services to partners.


OS³ Suite Telecoms Sector

Service Management suite designed for Communication Service Provider operations.

QPH Frameworks

OS³ Suite Connected Health

Modular Health Management suite for multiple industry applicants.

The Quob Park Estate Team are working with and investing in companies that are primarily focused on the benefits of market and/or digital disruption of traditional supply chains to optimise costs, generate savings and increase returns

Highlighted News

Quob Park Estate 2016 Year End Accounts

QPE had a balance sheet total greater than £15 million at the 2016 balance sheet date (£12 million in 2015), and this value has continued to increase significantly since then. However, QPE meets the other two criteria, and as such, QPE, as a Small Company, have decided to file abbreviated accounts for the year ending 2016 but with a detailed Chairman and Chief Executive’s Report to provide additional information to our investors and other stakeholders.

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