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TalkTalk Implementation of OS³

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Quob Park Solutions OS³ Frameworks Client Highlight:
TalkTalk implementation of OS³

TalkTalk initiated an internal programme called Making TalkTalk Simpler (MTTS) with the aim of overhauling their Service Assurance processes and systems. The goal was to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness and ultimately, Quality of Service (QoS) of the network. These goals were closely aligned to customer facing initiatives to improve customer perception of TalkTalk, measured through market KPI’s such as NPS (Net Promotor Score). These initiatives were specifically related to customer satisfaction with TalkTalk products and customer services.

A key aspect of the MTTS programme was the rationalisation of systems and processes onto a single service management technology platform for Technology, Consumer and Business operations.
TalkTalk is licenced for a capacity of up to 700 OS³ Frameworks users.


Client Identified Benefits

“To support the business case for adopting OS³ Frameworks as part of an overall solution proposition, a business value assessment (BVA) was undertaken jointly with key TalkTalk stakeholders. This was supported by a previous TalkTalk led business case assessment.

The outcome of the new BVA identified significant business benefits of the solution proposition including operational cost reduction and improved quality of service leading to improved customer retention”.

(Client Interview with Phil Brooks, Chief Strategy Officer, Quob Park Solutions)

Client Background

TalkTalk was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse and was de-merged as a standalone company in March 2010.

Originally just a provider of fixed line telephony services to consumers, TalkTalk now offers fixed and mobile telephony and broadband services to consumers under the TalkTalk brand, and telephony and broadband services to business customers under the TalkTalk Business brand.

Like some other UK broadband providers, TalkTalk has invested in its own exchange infrastructure, known as local-loop-unbundling (LLU), with 92% of its customer base unbundled as of December 2012. Since August 2012, TalkTalk has become the UK’s second quadruple play service after Virgin Media, offering TV, broadband, phone, and mobile services.

Client Communications Products and Services

  • Mobile
  • Fixed Line
  • Internet
  • TV

  • Mobile
  • Fixed Line
  • Internet

OS³ Frameworks Client implementations in the Telecoms Sector

Telecoms clients are entitled to use any of the OS³ Suite Telecoms Sector Modules or individual Microservices to support their Service Management Ecosystem requirements for as long as they continue to pay maintenance. Furthermore, clients are able to use OS³ Suite Workforce Management Microservices including full Case Management functionality to extend ‘Way beyond’ core Service Management capabilities at no additional cost. All OS³ Suite Modules and Microservices can run independently and the latest versions are all delivered with standard integrations for BMC Remedy, ServiceNow and Force.com.

For more information on this Module click on the following link: Trouble / Incident Management

For more information on this Module click on the following link: Network Change Management

For more information on this Module click on the following link: Service Impact Analysis

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Key Business Requirements

Required functionality and enhanced capabilities to replace multiple legacy systems

The functionality and processes supported by three major legacy systems needed to be consolidated onto a new single platform including data migration into a single CMDB. Additional manual processes also needed to be adopted onto the new platform.  New capabilities and enhancements such as service impact analysis are critical to the business case.

Operational Usage

OS³ Frameworks is typically utilised within a number of operational areas across the Telecoms Service Management Ecosystem including the following:

  • Network Operations Centres
  • Customer Care
  • Problem Management
  • Field Engineering Dispatch
  • Network Design and Planning
  • Change Management
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Vendor and Partner Management
  • Customer Account Management
  • Market Management
  • Service Quality Management
  • Regulatory Reporting

Interoperability with multiple vendor and internally developed systems

The new TalkTalk Service Assurance strategy required extensive interoperability across the B/OSS system and process domains and a relatively higher than typical system and process interaction between customer and network operations to meet the goals of TalkTalk’s market strategy to improve customer service.

One of our larger clients, (within just one of its divisions), has implemented OS³ Frameworks across circa 7,000 users as a core part of the solution that initiates and manages ticket volumes of circa 400,000 per month.  Tickets in this particular client are initiated from across multiple ecosystem sources including a range of internal monitoring systems, partners, suppliers and customers, broadly categorised as follows:


  • Network Trouble / Incident Management c.40%
  • Network Change Management c.15%
  • Work Order Management c.30%
  • IT Incident Management c.15%

OS³ Frameworks is a TM Forum Certified Product scoring 7 out of 7 in all major categories

“We congratulate Quob Park Solutions for their successful Frameworx Conformance Certification. Adoption of TM Forum’s Frameworx shows Quob Park Solutions’ commitment to providing service providers with standards-based solutions that reduce the cost of procurement, as well as the total cost of system ownership”

George Greenlee, SVP Service Provider Engagement, TM Forum

If you wish to read the TM Forum detailed conformance report please click on the link below:

OS³ Frameworks Conformance Report

For More Information

To learn more about OS³ Frameworks, or to book a demonstration, please use the contact form below to get in touch with our Business Development team.

B/OSS System Interoperability

OS³ Frameworks is typically integrated with multiple B/OSS systems using pre-designed plug-ins and pre-set integration points which have been established within the Solution Suite.  This approach can be used to enable zero touchpoint automation to drive operational efficiencies and effectiveness, and can have a significant impact on lowering Total Cost of Ownership.

System integrations:

  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Fault Management Monitoring Systems
  • Performance Management Monitoring Systems
  • Supply Chain and Workforce Management Systems
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Resource Management Systems
  • 3rd Party Ticketing Systems
  • Network Specific Geo-Data Systems
  • Orchestration Tools

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