Existing Investments

Quob Park Estate was established by Robert Terry, in 2003, and restructured in late 2014 with a view to working with and investing in companies that are focussed on the benefits of Digital Disruption.

The Founder & Board created a successful methodology for acquiring businesses, used during their previous ventures, combining future warranted profit before tax at today’s value and potential clawbacks to protect existing investors, whilst also aligning all parties’ interests.

It is a combination of these methods that have allowed our team to grow its last two businesses: to 2,000 staff and revenue of £100 million after three years in the first instance; and over 3,500 staff and approaching £500 million revenue within three years in the second.

Despite delivering significant returns, this methodological approach did have its faults, but the Quob Park Estate team have enhanced and perfected it to once again be used to support our planned rapid growth, and deliver significant returns for our investors.

Our Founder has confirmed that it is his intention to offer to the company all material projects and/or investment opportunities that he is introduced to until the company determines that it no longer wishes to proceed with such opportunities.

The Quob Park Estate is therefore made up of equity positions in rapidly developing businesses that leverage Digital Disruption to drive both organic and acquisitive growth in order to maximise stakeholder value.   We invest in private and public companies using our own capital alongside investment from other high net worth partners or funds as appropriate.

Those wishing to register their interest in investing in Quob Park Estate or along side us in our investment should do so on our Investor Page. Subscribers will also benefit from receiving exclusive Quob Park Estate investment views.