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In accordance with the Companies Act 2006 and relevant regulations, Quob Park Estate (QPE) still qualified as a Small Company for 2016. The criteria state that a Small Company must meet two of the following criteria for the 12 months to the year end balance sheet date:

  • less than an average of 50 employees;
  • less than £6.5 million turnover;
  • less than £3.26 million balance sheet total.

QPE had a balance sheet total greater than £15 million at the 2016 balance sheet date (£12 million in 2015), and this value has continued to increase significantly since then. However, QPE meets the other two criteria, and as such, QPE, as a Small Company, have decided to file abbreviated accounts for the year ending 2016 but with a detailed Chairman and Chief Executive’s Report to provide additional information to our investors and other stakeholders.

As previously announced, our management accounts for 2016 show an Adjusted Profit Before Tax of £2.9 million. The 2016 Adjusted Profit Before Tax is down slightly from our Statutory Profit Before Tax for 2015 of £3.6 million, reflecting the circa £930,000 of provisions (referred to both here and here) that were made in combination for our investment into Daniel Stewart. As noted previously, some small element of these provisions may be released in the future once, and if, more certainty is available regarding the future value of Daniel Stewart for existing shareholders including QPE.

For those of you who have invested directly with QPE, and have registered on our FCA regulated platform, it is our intention to provide additional communications, including potential investor events, to share further details on our financial accounts and performance in 2016 and beyond, as well as to share some additional information on our future plans and strategy.

Whilst our abbreviated accounts are being filed at Companies House, we will continue to publish on the QPE Blog and highlight the investment case for each area of our business.

If you are an existing investor in QPE a set of Accounts will be posted to you, and if you wish to download a copy of our Accounts including the detailed Chairman and Chief Executive’s Report on the progress of the company, then you may do so below:

Quob Park Estate Annual Report 2016




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